Friday, 26 October 2012

Cool Morning With Chance of Heavy Fog

Every time I start to think my brain fog might be easing up, I discover I've done something really, really, dumb.

Dumping the old coffee grounds into the cup I'm making my fresh coffee in, counts as really, really dumb for this purpose.

After almost two weeks of not working, I can say that the thing that has improved the most is that I'm not so stressed about doing things like this.  That's not because my work was in itself stressful, but because people were depending on me to get things right.

When it's my own coffee I'm dumping used coffee grounds into, the only person who has to deal with it is me. When I mess up leading a worship service, the whole congregation deals with my brain malfunction.

There are times, of course, when my limited ability to think clearly is going to affect my family.  I needed my daughter to help me fill out a form a couple of weeks ago. There were numbers in it. After three attempts, where I kept putting the numbers in the wrong columns, I finally got that right, and realised I couldn't make a calculator work to add up said numbers. That's when I got my daughter to take over.

Numbers and calculations not working for me is going to be a problem, for me and the family. I've just looked at my bank account and found that the balance is a bigger number than my rent that comes out today. That's good.  It's not a very much bigger number (as in, not big enough to cover next week's rent, or the bills that are waiting.) That's not good.  Now, I know I have money coming in, and bills to pay, and things like that.  And normally, I could work it all out. Right now, the closest thing to managing a budget I'm doing is praying that it will work out without me.

This bothers me a bit, in that I've always been very careful with money. I've always had to be very careful with money.  I still do have to be careful with money - it's a scarce resource and it's just become scarcer. I was able to shed responsibility for my work. But shedding responsibility for providing a home and food for my family is a different matter.

If I had a husband, or if my sister were still here in Australia, I could ask them to take control of my finances for a while. As it is, the only family I have are my kids. And if my brain fog continues to worsen, maybe I have to ask whether at 18 and 21, they are ready for that responsibility?

Money is a big issue for everyone with a chronic illness.  Doctors and medication cost, and our ability to earn our income is reduced.

When you buy products from a business owned/run by someone with a chronic illness, you help them to achieve financial independence.

Please consider looking at the businesses listed in the Business Directory page, when you're doing your Christmas shopping this year.


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    1. Dear Anonymous,
      I don't have any reason to check out your website. I would like to, as politely as possible, suggest to you that rather than moaning and seeking attention, I am trying to raise awareness of the reality of life with an incurable, life-threatening illness. I realise that in the world you inhabit premature ejaculation may be more important than life and death, so I might suggest you just avoid reading any sites that deal with any serious issues.

    2. Dear Anonymous,

      As I sat here reading your uneducated reply, I started getting angry because of people like you. Then i realized ur just some jackass with a computer and an unsatisfied girlfriend. I want to know what brought you to this blog in the first place?! You obviously don't have or know anyone that has Lupus. Did you even bother to look it up before you told Iris that she could fix her brain fog u a-hole?
      "All I hear is a bunch of moaning about something that you can fix if you weren't too busy seeking attention."
      I don't think Iris is trying to gain any kind of attention. I think she is trying to bring awareness to a very confusing and debilitating disease that gets NOWHERE near the attention or funding it should.
      Where do u get off? Oh right...u get off early! hahahahahahahahaha.....If your biggest problem in life is solving your own premature ejaculation...congratulations limp dick!
      thank you for your blog. I feel a little less alone everyday because of it! together, we will never be alone again!!
      *Peace N Humptiness 4eva!


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