Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Amazing Day

I am exhausted today - but I had the most amazing day yesterday!

Firstly, I received my quarterly payment from the church's pension fund (I'm classed as "temporarily retired"), just as I was down to my last $15. So now I can pay the bills and the rent. I can get groceries today, as the cupboard was starting to become bare.

Then, a technician came and finally fixed our internet connection. I signed up more than two months ago to upgrade my internet, which  was going to take three weeks. It's a long involved story, that ended up including Telstra's complaints department, and the Telecommunication Industry Ombudsman, but at last, I have  what should be a reliable internet connection, one which doesn't cut out in warm weather. (That's good, because summer is just around the corner.)

The paperback versions of my two newest books appeared on Amazon. (If you want the cat calendar, that's still only available at Lulu.)

And then a friend rang to ask if I was free to go to the opera.  She had a ticket to Carmen last night, and at the last minute was unable to go. She gave me her ticket, and I enjoyed the opera, and the pre-performance talk about Bizet's career, immensely.

I'm a bit tired today.  I was out past my bed-time last night. That means today's going to be a bit of a challenge.  But I'll have a sleep first, then I'll pay my bills, and get some groceries, and start to feel like I can handle life again.


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