Sunday, 16 September 2012

What Happens Next?
My 21-year-old daughter and her fiancĂ©e are looking for houses to rent.

That's a fairly normal rite of passage at their age, and it's good for young people to get out on their own and gain some experience at life.  (I know from ministry, just how awful it is to try to do marriage preparation with people who have no idea of what the responsibilities of adult life are like.)

My other child is 18 now, and in the next couple of years, he will also start looking at going out on his own. Again, it will be good for him to do so.

But that leaves me wondering: what I will do when they are both gone? Clearly, I won't need a three bedroom house to myself. I'll have the opportunity of downsizing to something smaller, and easier to manage.  That's a plus.

There's also a minus.  The worst part of this latest flare is brain fog. So far the bizarre things I've done have been frustrating, or even humourous. Apart from the stuff I've posted about before, I've found the cat in my wardrobe, and the other day realised that I didn't have my mobile phone in my handbag, but did have the pets' flea treatment there.

What happens when I do something dangerous, without realising it? What if I leave the stove on? What if I do something worse? (I can't think of anything now, but that's because I have brain fog.)

At the moment, people are coming and going all the time at my home. There's always someone who would notice if I was doing something very strange.

Once the kids leave, it's just me. No-one will know if I do something weird, or dangerous.

Of course, I probably have a couple of years still to think about this.  Which is good, because it might take me that long to get my brain working again.

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