Wednesday, 26 September 2012

The Fog Is Lifting

I'm starting to feel like this flare might be easing.

My brain fog's settled a bit, in that I haven't done anything (or at least been caught doing anything) completely irrational in the past day or so.

This morning I was able to notice that someone apparently forgot that my plants needed water. My herbs were all wilted and my poor tomato plant was lying flat on the ground. I gave them all a good soak and hope that is enough to get them started again.

I ate a healthy breakfast, and it didn't seem to just sit in the middle of my chest and cause me pain, but instead my digestive system actually seems to be processing it fairly normally (if, with a few noises of objection.)

When I had my prayer time, I was actually able to make sense of the things I was reading in my Bible and my prayer book, and actually understand something that God seemed to be trying to say to me.

I've looked at the housework which is way, way behind, and find that it's not quite as overwhelming as I thought, and I can start to plan how to do a bit at a time and eventually catch up, without overdoing things. It will take weeks, but my mind is functioning enough that I can actually start to set priorities which does take away a lot of the sense that it's all too much and just impossible. I can see what needs to be done, and which things are more urgent.  And I'm able to think through such things as: it's possible to write this post, while using the TENS machine, so I'll be in less pain, so I can manage to do some washing.

It is so good to start to feel I have my own brain back. I don't know how long it will last. But while I have it, I'm going to enjoy it.

Thank you to everyone who has been giving me messages of support on the blog and on social media while things have really been bad. It really has made a huge difference.

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