Saturday, 29 September 2012

Sensitive Skin

I've always had skin problems.

Even when I was a child, I would get a rash on my arms when I went  out in the sun.

On and off through the years, I've had persistent problems of dermatitis, and very dry skin.

Yesterday, I had a blood test.

About an hour later, I took the dressing off my arm.  This was the result:

This was after about an hour of having micropore (a very gentle dressing for sensitive skin) on my arm.  I can't use stronger dressings like band-aids.

Now, about 30 hours after taking the dressing off, my arm looks like this.

It's a little hard to see (because I have trouble taking a photo of my own arm) but it's now developed a bit of bruising.

So, how do I look  after sensitive skin?

I use a lot of sorbolene - a glycerine-based cream. I use it as a moisturiser, instead of soap, and as a cleanser/make-up remover.  The only other skin care product I need is a maximum-protection sunscreen and  a lip balm with sunscreen.

I protect my hands with gloves when I do virtually anything; cleaning, washing dishes, etc.

And I use a sensitive skin washing powder.  For a couple of years, my dermatitis was so bad I could not even use that, and had to wash in pure soap powder only.

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