Monday, 3 September 2012

New in the Business Directory

The latest business added to the Business Directory is very new, as in opening today.

Lovely lupie Lisa has opened 31 Inspirational Emotions on Facebook.

Lisa puts beautiful images and inspirational thoughts together, for laminated gifts and cards. Send her your family photos, and she can make a collage of them. Or how about a placemat for a little child, with numbers or letters on it to help them learn in a fun way.

Here's some samples of what Lisa's got up on the Facebook site so far. (As I write this, she's only had the business on-line for about an hour, so I'm sure there's lots more exciting things to come as she gets going.)

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  1. A business listing with a purpose? Ingenious! Not only does it help the business owner, it gives the client a sense of fulfillment by helping to this cause.


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