Saturday, 29 September 2012

Just Being Mum
My daughter's just got her learner's permit.

Given the way my brain's been functioning lately, I wondered if she'd trust me to teach her to drive, but she does. (Maybe it's just that there's no-one else available.)

Today, we drove around our own block, drove up a road in a nearby quiet country town, and drove for 20 minutes around and around and around a shopping centre carpark. (The end furthest from the shops - where no-one parks unless it's Christmas or there's sales on.)

We worked on stopping and starting, getting in and out of shopping centre parking spots (a good way to get the feel of how wide the car is and where it is on the road - something that was really bothering her), driving straight, how to do a 90 degree turn, and how to do a U-turn.

Maybe next lesson, we'll look at the accelerator, and get up past 5km/h.

As anxious as she was, we didn't have any mishaps, so I guess my brain was functioning fairly well today. The concentration required has left me exhausted.

That first driving lesson is a normal thing for a mum to do with her kids.  For me that's a nice change, to just be Mum for a while, not worrying about doctors and medicines and tests.

So much of my life is taken over by lupus, that it feels strange to me to do a totally non-lupus-related activity.  But it is strange in a good way.  Which is good, because we've got to clock up 100 hours of supervised driving over the coming year - and number two child will eventually decide he wants to drive as well.

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