Saturday, 15 September 2012

Easy Does It: Mopping the Floor

Spray and wipe floor cleaner.
When I used to work in a hospital, I would at times watch the cleaners mopping the floor - they'd spray a cleaner on the floor and wipe it over with a wide mop and it was done.

What was wonderful was that the floor could be cleaned without lugging around a bucket of water, and with only one wipe over.

I've been looking out for years, to get that cleaning stuff for my home.

Yesterday, I found it at the Reject Shop. (Only $2 a bottle.) Guess what? It's plain old spray and wipe, just in a bottle that tips upside down and sprays out of the lid. In case I can't get it again for a while, since the stock at the Reject Shop changes regularly, I'm keeping the bottle.  I can refill it with a regular spray and wipe refill bottle when I need to.

All it needs is to be sprayed on the floor, and wiped over with a slightly damp mop, or sponge. All done, and it dries very quickly. And I didn't have to carry a bucket of water!


Thanks to brain fog - I forgot to mention, the mop I'm using is a microfibre one.  The microfibre cloth sticks on with velcro, so I can just rip it off to rinse it out.  No bucket required anywhere, and no bending either.

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