Friday, 28 September 2012

Brains and Hormones
Well, I've been back to my GP, and asked for a referral to a neurologist.  

The referral's in my handbag, next step is to phone for the appointment.  I'll do that after my nap. (Hopefully, I'll remember.)  

I've also had a blood test to check for hormone levels. Another possible cause for brain fog (apart from lupus) is menopause.  I'm getting up towards the right age for that, and because of my hysterectomy, it's hard to know if that is happening as well.  If that is contributing to my brain fog, hormone replacement could help get control of it. 

Other lupies will understand my frustration, when I say that often, there is no way of knowing if a symptom is because of lupus, or because of something else.   Lupus can do practically anything - but many of the symptoms could be caused by something else. (Hence the difficulty many people have in getting a diagnosis of lupus.)

As for my question of whether it's time to stop work again, the GP says to stick with work if I can - because it's good for me. So I'll take that input on board when I speak with the church council chairperson later today.

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