Friday, 21 September 2012

Brain Fog Keeps Me Occupied

My ongoing battle with brain fog has been keeping me occupied lately.

Yesterday, my son rang me asking for a lift home - he'd caught a bus as far as the next suburb - but a connecting bus to get him the rest of the way home would not come for more than an hour.  Since it's only five minutes each way for me to get him from that bus stop - he usually calls to see if I'm free and save him from waiting.

Well, yesterday afternoon, it wasn't quick or easy to get him. I searched for ten minutes for my keys, then texted my son to say I was still looking for them and if the bus should arrive before I got there to catch it.  I practically tore the house apart.

Then I took the spare car key to go and get him.  Since I don't have a spare house key with the spare car key, I just pulled the front door shut behind me without locking it.

I told this whole story to my son on the way home from the bus stop. When we arrived home and went to open the (unlocked of course) front door, we found the keys hanging in the lock.

My 18 year old son's subtle and caring response to this situation was: "Mum, you're an idiot."

Update on Saturday:

Officially freaking out over my brain fog now. Just got a text from the video shop to say I had items overdue. I rang them to tell them I didn't - I had made a special trip out yesterday to return them. After I hung up, I saw the DVDs on the coffee table. So, the question is, when I drove to the DVD shop yesterday, what did I put through their return slot? Next appointment with my GP, I am going to ask for a referral to a neurologist. (If I remember to ask. If I remember to go to the appointment. If I go to the right place..... Dammit, I want my brain back!)

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