Friday, 31 August 2012

Waiting For The Fog to Clear

My adventure with brain fog hasn't cleared up yet.

In fact, last night I was crying about it for a while.  What I'd done was start preparing the church service for Sunday. Given that I'm a minister, that's not unusual. Except one of the lay preachers is doing this Sunday, so I didn't need to prepare anything on this week's readings.  I only found out when I emailed musicians, readers, etc with their parts, and someone helpfully pointed out to me I was having the day off.

I have a killer headache that just won't go away, which isn't helping the brain fog at all at the moment.  I take panadol osteo three times a day anyway, so I'm a bit short of options for headache treatments. It's another thing to put on the list for the doctor.

So, here's some of the tips I have for brain fog, please, if you have more, add them to the "comments":

  • Write everything down. I've just added Evernote to my phone and computer, so I can write notes on either and have them on both. (I can even write notes on paper, photograph them, and add them to the Evernote notebook if I need to.)
  • Do puzzles, read, things to keep my brain functioning.
  • Sleep (even) more because being tired makes things worse.
  • Try not to stress about the things I get wrong.
  • Where possible, defer important decisions until my head clears.
  • Coffee, to make me a little more alert for short bursts of time.
Lots of people who have lupus experience brain fog at least some of the time. We all have our own ways to cope. 

For me, brain fog, is very frightening. I've become used to being unable to count on my body. It's still frustrating at times, but I've accepted that's just how things are. Being unable to rely on my brain, that scares me.


  1. Greetings Iris! I agree with you completely. I spent all day yesterday trying to think of something that helps me when I'm foggy minded, but I was to fogged up to think. Today I'm doing a little better but I haven't figured a real way to treat the fogginess yet.

    I guess I would say taking time to rest and eat every couple of hours is effective in treating the fatigue in Lupus in general. For fogginess, I also make sure I include protien in each meal.

    Anyway I love your blog and plan to stay in touch with it. You may also enjoy the blog I just started

    1. Hi Christina,
      Love the look of your blog - adding it to the Lupus Links page.


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