Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Supporting Each Other

My gorgeous lupus awareness bracelet,
made by Annie at Bracelets, Beads and Bling.
Have you ever thought it might be good for people with chronic illnesses to support each other?

I've been hoping to find ways to do that too.  That's why you'll find the Lupus Links and Lupie Business pages on this site.

If you go through the blogs on the Lupus Links page, you will discover lots of lupies who all have their own presence on the internet, and get to know them a little.  Reading their blogs and interacting with them will help give them some sense of emotional support. Some of those blogs are ad-supported.  If you have an ad blocker, one good way to help fellow lupies, is to turn your ad blocker off when you visit their blogs. That way you can help to give them financial support, without it costing you anything. Every time you click on an ad that interests you, a few cents are paid to the blog owner. (Don't just wildly click ads - that kind of thing is screened out - but be willing to take a look when something actually does interest you.)

Another way to help each other is through the Lupie Business page. This is actually opened up more widely than just people with lupus, to people with any chronic illness. Lots of people with chronic illnesses may be unable to manage a full-time job, but have taken advantage of the internet to make hobbies into small businesses. The Lupie Business page lists businesses owned/run by people with chronic illnesses. They design clothing, make jewellery, do paintings and prints, write books and sell beauty products. If you were thinking of buying any of these things anyway, it's worth looking at what other people with chronic illnesses are selling. I'm not suggesting buying just for the sake of buying - but if you were buying anyway, why not at least consider something that will help someone with a chronic illness?

For both achieve what I set out to do with them, we need two things to happen:
1. That people will look at the pages, and more particularly the links from the pages - discover what people with lupus (and other chronic illnesses are doing) and support them;
2. That the two pages keep growing with interesting content - for that, I need people to send me links.  My email address is  and I'd love to hear about any lupus sites/blogs to add to the Lupus Links page, or about businesses owned/run by people with chronic illnesses to add to the Lupie Business directory page. I'm not selling advertising here - just putting the links up with the aim of helping out other people in a similar situation to myself.  It won't cost you anything to send me your link.

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