Sunday, 19 August 2012

Ran Out Of Energy
Well, you saw my "to do" list yesterday.  Would it surprise you to know, I didn't actually get it finished?

Yesterday's washing is still out on the line. Perhaps I should have been less ambitious and just used the dryer. It was such a dry, windy day, I figured it would all dry faster on the line than in the dryer. What I didn't take into account was the extra energy it takes for me to hang things out and bring them in again.  Here's another energy balance to consider - the financial and environmental cost of using electricity - when I could be using my own precious personal energy.

If I'm not well, it's an easy choice - use the electricity and save myself everything possible.

On days like yesterday, when I really did feel well, it seemed to make sense to be that little more financially and environmentally responsible.

Financial responsibility is important, because, let's face it between part-time work and part-pension, there really isn't any spare money.

Environmental responsibility is even more important to me - my faith says this world belongs to God, and as such I need to respect it. It bothers me a lot when I use electricity for tasks I used to do without it. It bothers me that I now drive to places I used to be able to walk to. Burning up resources that can't be replaced and polluting the planet are a part of modern life - but I still like to keep my part in it to a minimum. It's another kind of energy to factor in, when I'm planning out my energy budget.

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  1. sorry your to-do didn't get completely done (mine neither)...I wrote about lupus the other day- any advice from your experience would be great!


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