Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Just Too Tired
I was going to go to hydrotherapy today, but after my busy day Monday, and my recovery day yesterday, I've found that I'm just not yet ready to move that much.

Perhaps a second recovery day is in order.

Tomorrow I need to work, so maybe Friday I'll get to hydro.

The exercise at hydrotherapy really is good for me - the warm water helps soothe sore joints, and the exercise has the usual health benefits of exercise.

But it always has to be weighed up against how much energy I have in the budget for the day.  On Monday - I used up Monday's energy, and put a bit on the "credit card". I have to deal with that quickly - because if I push myself when my energy is already low, I can make myself very sick. (Putting too much on the energy credit card, can have dire consequences - just as putting too much money on the plastic credit card can!)

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  1. I have to watch my energy "budget" very carefully as well or I have severe consequences. I'm sorry you experience this as well.


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