Tuesday, 21 August 2012

It Was Worth It!

I went out yesterday, for a drive around Mount Glorious, and a very little bit of a bushwalk.  (I used to love bushwalking, but don't do it any more.)

We stopped at a tea house for lunch, and stopped at a couple of lookouts on the way. My friend recently brought a four-wheel-drive vehicle and is enjoying using it.

Today, I'm tired, and my ankles are sore. But it was worth it.  To spend some time with a friend, enjoying God's creation, and pottering around at my pace, was just great.

I know it will take some time to recover, but sometimes it's worth putting a little energy on the "credit card", just to do something that adds value to my life in other ways. (As long as I don't put so much energy on the "credit card" that I run into trouble repaying it.)

So having had such a thoroughly wonderful day, I thought I'd share some of my fantastic photos.


  1. Yeah ! You did it (again) : going out for a great journey ! Wonderful pictures : the magnolia flower appears in may here in my garden ;-). Is it a big mouse on the last picture ? An opossum ?

  2. Hi Claire,
    Yes, I did it. But after going out for a day, two weeks in a row, I think I'll rest for a couple of weeks.
    The little fellow in the last picture, we think was a rodent, possibly some sort of mouse. He was too small to be a bandicoot, and definitely not a possum.


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