Monday, 27 August 2012

I Did What?
Most people with lupus suffer from brain fog at times. It's the most common neurological symptom of lupus.

Some of my more recent memorable incidents are:

  • Our front door has two locks - one we use and all have keys to and one we don't use and none of us have keys to. I clicked the wrong lock before going to bed. My daughter came home at 1am from her waitressing shift and had to hit on my bedroom window to wake me up.
  • I went to the supermarket for one item - and came out with a full trolley, but not the one thing I needed.
  • I couldn't find a coffee mug - because I was looking for one in the fridge.
  • I had out my breakfast bowl, and the dish I put peels and things in for the garden. I sliced a strawberry into compost dish, and dropped the calyx and stem onto my cereal.
  • I drove to the local supermarket, when I meant to go in the opposite direction.
  • I had to fill in a form, and didn't know my home phone number.
  • Someone rang from a Government Department, and said they had a survey for the youngest person who was at home aged between 17 and 80.  I said they weren't home. (Yes, I was at home, and yes, I am aged between 17 and 80.)

OK Lupies, give me some feedback here. Who has a brain fog story to tell?


  1. I just had the same exact thing happen to me with a government phone call. I said the same thing. When I hung up up. I realized I could have answered their questions, then I though...Oh, well, I'm too tired to answer them anyways.

  2. I tried to get into my car through the passenger side door. Then I tried to unlock the house with my car key chain device. Woooo boy


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