Friday, 17 August 2012

Energy Levels Low
I have to get groceries today. There's no choice. My son's out of peanut butter, and the Supreme Feline Overlord's out of cat food.

I've been trying to build up the energy to go since I woke up (the first time) at 6.30am. It's after 11 now, and I'm still in my nightie.

I'll get there. I will. It's just that before I go, I still have to get showered and dressed and make a list. That's a lot of work.

But I'm well on my way - I had breakfast a couple of hours ago so I could take my pills - and I need to recover from that before I do much more.

Of course lunchtime, with pills, is coming up too. I'm trying not to think too much about that.

The good news is the supermarket doesn't close until 9pm. That's plenty of time. I'll get there.

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