Thursday, 9 August 2012

Cold Bones
I know we've had a few cold days here in Brisbane this winter - cold, that is by the objective measure of being the coldest in however many years. But the impact it's had on me this winter is ridiculous.

Usually cold just makes my joints hurt - it's the heat of summer that normally causes me terrible fatigue.

But this winter, I'm feeling the cold in a different way. No matter how many blankets I put on the bed, no matter how many layers I wear, I feel cold on the inside. I feel like the cold is deep down in my bones - and nothing I do at the outside is warming up the inside.

I'm also feeling cold at the extremities - fingers and toes sometimes lose feeling or even change colour.

For those of you who actually live in a cold climate, you would probably think our winters here are very mild.. It's unusual for it to get down to 0 deg C overnight. During the day, we're up to the low 20s, which is not much colder than I set my air conditioner to in summer.

Yet, here I am, wrapped in as many layers as possible, and still feeling that my bones are so cold they're aching. My joints are feeling hurting - not seriously, but every one of them is hurting a little.

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