Tuesday, 14 August 2012

A Great Day Out

I had the most wonderful day yesterday. I went out with a friend who has the most amazing sense of humour. We went out to Dreamworld theme park, on the Gold Coast, and laughed most of the day.

There was a time when a day at a theme park was fairly easy to accomplish. (And back then I had small kids to take.)

Since lupus, it's a bit of a challenge - we planned to go on a weekday, during school term, when the Brisbane Exhibition was on, so that there would be fewer people there.

I made sure I went to bed very early the night before, so I had lots of sleep.

My friend did all the driving, and made it clear that we were going at my pace - no pressure to go on rides, and we could leave at any time. Most of the time, we spent looking at the animals. (Dreamworld has a large zoo section.)

Gluten intolerance means I take my own food, nut bars and apples, in my handbag.  I also have my usual stuff in my bag - antibacterial hand gel, packs of tissues and wipes, pills, sun block. And of course, I took a hat, and wore my most comfortable shoes.

We saw animals, went on just one ride, and laughed ourselves silly.

I had an early night again last night, and needed my hot water bottle for the aches and pains. Today, I had my oldies' group meeting at church, and then slept the rest of the day again.  I think I've just about recovered from my adventure. (Well, it will be another early night tonight, and I will have my hot water bottle again.)

It took a lot of effort and energy to spend about five hours at a theme park, and a fair bit of preparation and recovery, but it was so much fun, it was well worth it!

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  1. Lot of preparation (before), of energy (during), and of recover (after) needed, but I'm happy to read that you had so much fun during that day out !


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