Wednesday, 29 August 2012

A Fairytale Life
I hadn't realised it until today, but I live a fairytale life.  The fairytale is Sleeping Beauty, not the Disney version, but the original where the woman slept for a hundred years.

Someone else pointed this out to me today, when they texted about lunchtime, and I said I'd only just woken up, but was tired and would be going  back to bed.

That's what the fatigue of lupus is like - it really does feel like I could sleep for years and years and years.

In the fairytale, an evil fairy did this to the girl because she wasn't invited to the princess' christening.  I don't know that anyone offended any evil fairies when I was a baby - but who knows?

Does this mean Prince Charming is coming to wake me up so I can live happily ever after? Only if Prince Charming's a doctor or researcher about to discover a cure for lupus! (And yes, I'd happily marry someone in return for a real cure for lupus.)

In the meantime, I'm going back to bed.  And to the other lupies out there, watch out for poisoned apples, and evil fairies with a grudge. Oh, and if you find you're sharing a house with a group of short people - they're probably your kids, and they'll want you to find the energy to feed them and do the cleaning.

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