Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Why I'm Tired
I said I'd let you know the results of the sleep study I had a bit over a week ago.

The results were all good. My fatigue levels aren't caused by sleep apnoea or any other sleep-related condition. In fact the sleep specialist I saw today said they can be pretty much explained by three things: lupus, lupus drugs, and excess weight. (Well, there's a surprise.)

I do snore, and I do stop breathing at times during REM (random eye movement - dreaming-stage) sleep. But I don't do either any more than is considered normal.

The doctor's recommendations: lose at least 10kg (well, I need to lose 30kg according to the rheumatologist anyway), and sleep on my side instead of my back.

Apparently, excess weight is starting to affect my throat. It's not problematic yet, but it was hard for him to see my tonsils, and it could become a problem if I put on any more weight.


  1. I was thinking about asking you for the results ; glad to read that it is good, but the doctor didn't recommend the easiest way to still improve your sleep...

    1. Weight loss isn't easy, Claire, but at least it's something I've been trying to work on anyway.
      It's better than him adding more drugs to my cocktail, or telling me I have to use a CPAT machine or something equally awful!


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