Saturday, 14 July 2012

Top Excuses for Missing Hydrotherapy
Since the start of winter, I've had lots of excuses very good reasons for missing hydrotherapy.

My main objection has been that while it's nice in the warm pool, it's freezing when I get out. I've sort of overcome the problem by getting a dressing-gown that's relatively absorbent for the waddle from the pool to the shower. I couldn't afford a towelling one, but this is OK

Another issue is the window of opportunity to go.  On weekday afternoons the pool's only available for hydrotherapy for about two hours - because it's used kids' swimming classes and other classes at other times. So if I'm not ready to go at the right time, it's not worth going. (Yes, I could go up to an hour after its opening time and still get in my hydro session, but don't use too much logic on my perfectly good excuse.)

My other issue happens year around. I get home from hydrotherapy and I need to sleep for three hours. It takes me about 15 to 20 minutes to drive each way, then 30 to 45 minutes in the pool. So effectively, I lose the entire afternoon when I go. Doing that three times a week means losing three afternoons a week that I could have spent reading books, watching DVDs, or feeling guilty about the work I'm not doing.

I had thought it was the hydro that made me so tired.  I found out different today.  On Saturdays, there's four hours free for hydrotherapy. It wasn't so cold today and after days of rain, it was fine. So I packed up my gear and went to the pool, to find that it was the one Saturday of the month that the pool was being used for "catch-up lessons" for kids.

The woman at the desk said: "You could come back at four o'clock." I realised that after driving there and now I had to go home, going back at four o'clock was way out of the question.  I drove home and had a three hour nap.  Yes, it's the drive that leaves me so tired, even without the time in the pool!

So now I have another very good reason not to go.  I've got a pretty good list of them.

I have only one reason to go: my health.  I need some exercise, and this is what my rheumatologist recommends as the very best exercise for lupus.  The support and warmth of the water make exercising less painful, and the resistance the water provides means it is actually a proper work out.

So, if you're looking for me on Monday afternoon, I'll be in the pool.

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