Saturday, 21 July 2012

Reconsidering The "Crazy Cat Lady" Option
After less than a week of being on the internet dating sites, I'm starting to wonder if being alone and becoming a crazy cat lady isn't a better idea.

I thought my biggest issue with dating was that I struggle to know when to start talking about lupus.

No. That's minor compared to a new rule I've discovered: assume all men are creeps until proven otherwise.

How did I come to this conclusion? Well, it's a sad story.

I had put my profile on two sites, one paid and one free.

On the free site, I had a couple of conversations, which I found it necessary to terminate and block the gentlemen involved within about two sentences. Then I had a conversation with another gentleman who asked what a minister was doing on that site. I said a friend had recommended it. This nice man told me the friend mustn't like me very much, and it was really a site for people looking for one-night stands. We had a very nice chat in which he recommended I use a reputable site, and suggested the paid one I was on.

The same night, I had a conversation with someone on the paid site. It started out OK.  He was going to a function - the kind of thing he needed a tux for, and wanted to know if I'd go as his date. Sounded good to me. Then it got strange and the conversation went on, apparently I'd be his brother's date as well.  And from there it quickly got to a point where I ended up blocking him. So that was the "reputable" site.

My membership on the paid site is paid up for three months.  I don't know if I'll stick it out that long.  The more people I meet, the better the crazy cat lady option is looking.

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