Monday, 4 June 2012

Disney Lied
I've re-read some of the Grimm Brothers fairytales lately. (Got them free on my new ereader.)

Do you know what the difference between the original fairytales, and the Disney version is? The Disney version invariably ends with them living happily ever after.

In the originals, some people do live happily ever after - and some suffer horrible fates.

I've been thinking about this whole love and living happily ever after lately, and I think either Disney lied to me, or I've been short-changed somewhere.

Last week, someone lupies on Twitter if we had the choice of love or a cure which would we take.  I said I wanted both, but either would be better than the neither I have.

Seriously, which would I choose?

I can tell you that not having someone here to hold me on those days when I just want to give up, really is awful. If I had someone to love me, that would be easier. If I had a cure, I wouldn't have those days anyway.
Well, that explains everything!

Of course, the times I most feel I want someone, are the times I'm least well enough to look.  I don't put my profile back on the dating site where I met Mr Wonderful, because I don't have the energy to go through the whole process of searching again. Sure, I did it all before when I was relatively well, but the wheels fell off just in time for me to get sick again.

Maybe next time I'm relatively well, I'll try again. But in the meantime, while I'm sick, I'm facing it pretty much alone. Yes, I have kids, friends, church, but it's really not the same.

Love, or a cure? I can't decide which I would rather have.  But I can tell you for certain, having neither really is miserable.

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