Thursday, 28 June 2012

A Bit Foggy
I think I've said I've been feeling really well lately.

But yesterday afternoon, something happened that reminded me I do still have lupus, even if it's pretty much under control.

It's been dark, rainy, cloudy weather here for days, and since all day is dark, I'm losing track of time.

I looked at the clock yesterday, and panicked - it was 6.33pm, and I was supposed to be at a meeting two suburbs away at 6.30.  I wasn't ready! How could I forget it? I have the same meeting every Thursday.

I started to rush around picking up the gear I needed and said to my son I wished I had a mobile number for someone who was going, because it was too late to call anyone at home.

That's when my son pointed out that I wasn't late at all. I was almost 24 hours too early. My meeting's always 6.30pm on Thursday, and it was only Wednesday.

Brain fog is a normal part of lupus. It can leave me doing the strangest of things - forgetting my coffee is being made, and find the cup is overflowing, and the coffee maker has also made coffee for the bench, floor, etc. It can make me a bit hazy on the days of the week.

Most of the time I manage it by writing things down.  My mobile phone keeps all kinds of data for me: appointments, lists of things to do, shopping lists, pretty much anything it's important for me to remember. Even so, I sometimes do things like walking into a room and wondering what I'm doing there, or lose track of the day of the week.


  1. Oh dear I thought it was just because I was getting old, lol. My memory is so bad these days, I can be thinking of something one minute and the next minute its completely gone :o)

    1. I think most lupies get brain fog from time to time. Of course, as we get older we might have a few senior moments as well!

  2. I have read about forgetfulness issues due to fibromyalgia, but I never knew that this could be an issue with lupus as well. This is a really great blog. In an effort to help spread awareness, I wanted to share this lupus infographic with you (it's titled Get in the Loop - Raising Awareness for Lupus). It was created last month in honor of National Lupus Awareness month, and I thought that you might find it interesting. Thanks!

    1. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing this really great infographic! I know that this is an autoimmune disease which may be misunderstood by some people, but an infographic like this could really help with that.

  3. Hello, I just wanted to say thanks for keeping up such a great blog here. I really appreciate all the information that you have provided on lupus. I also wanted to thank Steve for sharing that really great infographic on lupus! With that in mind, I have another infographic on lupus that I was hoping to share with you guys too. This one is titled Lupus: a Closer Look at this Autoimmune Condition. I hope you get a chance to check it out.


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