Thursday, 10 May 2012

World Lupus Day - How to Celebrate Lupus

It's all orange here for World Lupus Day. So how am I celebrating today? 

I have my orange nail polish on.

And on Saturday I'm getting together at a barbecue with other lupies from the Lupus Association of Queensland.

That's pretty much it.....

This blog is a result of my efforts to work out what to do last year for World Lupus Day - so I guess it's an  ongoing World Lupus Day project.

But through the year, I've been trying to think of alternative ways to celebrate lupus. 
(Do we want to "celebrate" lupus? 
The links explain what each of these things has to do specifically with lupus.)

  1. A handful of painkillers and a long nap.
  2. Go to the beach, but stay out of the sun
  3. Go out to a nice coffee shop, drop your fork, and spill your coffee over yourself.
  4. Get a new hairstyle or a full make-over.
  5. Look at the impact lupus has had on your life and have a good cry.
  6. Try to work out how to fit doing anything at all to mark the day alongside all the other things you have to do without getting sick.
  7. Discuss your end-of-life decisions with your family.
  8. I had more, but I've forgotten what they were.

Whatever you're doing, remember, lupus is something you live with - it's not who you are!

Have a great day!

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  1. "Go out to a nice coffee shop, drop your fork, and spill your coffee over yourself." hahahahaha Yep, I've done this one.


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