Monday, 28 May 2012


Woof and I are under the furry blanket.
We're staying here until half-past spring.
Winter is starting here in Brisbane.

I don't like the cold weather. Cold weather dries out my skin and hair, and it makes my joint hurt.

Today my dry skin is so bad, I've just knocked off one of the bumpy bits of rash, so my arm's bleeding.

I also find that when my skin's dry I get more redness on my nose and cheeks. Yesterday, my son said to me: "Mum, how did you get sunburnt when we've been inside all day?"  I'm fortunate, I don't get a pronounced "butterfly rash". I just get a bit of pink or red that comes and goes. It does look like sunburn. (And I really never get sunburn because I just don't go out in the sun.)

So at the moment, my best friends are my hot water bottle (which moves from one joint to another), and the sorbolene moisturiser I keep slapping all over my skin.

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