Thursday, 31 May 2012

Weight Loss: A Different Normal

How different is life when we weigh what we "otter"?
Weight loss group hasn't met for a couple of weeks, because the leader (me) has been having a lupus flare.

So tonight, we're back to basics: We're remembering what we're here for.

I'm going to get everyone to close their eyes and imagine. See themselves when they reach their goal (whether that goal was to lose weight, to put on weight, to do something else for their health) and are maintaining their goal easily.

We're going to start with what they look like when they are that person.

Then we're going to ask:

  • How does it feel to be this person who just naturally takes care of their health?
  • How does this person, the one who maintains their goal easily, handle stress?
  • How does this person handle the days when it's just "too much effort" to cook?
  • How does this person handle going to a restaurant? Or a social function?
  • How does this person handle feeling genuinely hungry?
  • How does this person handle the days they really don't want to exercise?
  • How does this person react to being given a huge box of chocolates?
  • How does this person handle boredom?
  • How does this person behave while going to the movies, watching tv, reading a book?

There's a lot of difference between the person who is "naturally" healthy, and a person doesn't take care of their health.  It's not usually a "natural" difference. It's a difference between the habits we form. Habits can be changed.

If we've always nibbled while at the movies or watching tv, that contributes to our being unhealthy, but it's a habit we can break. If we've always gone looking for junk food when we're stressed, that's a habit we can break.

Homework for everyone this week? Be the person we were just imagining!

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