Friday, 4 May 2012

I'm Fine... So Don't Suggest Anything Different!

I was reading an article at Web MD yesterday about treatment for lupus nephritis (kidney disease related to lupus.) 

I was just reading it out of curiosity, because, fortunately for me, I don't have lupus nephritis.  

My kidneys are fine. I know because I saw the results of my last blood test.  I can't read all the numbers, but there was a sentence written on it "kidney disease cannot be ruled out". That means, of course, that they weren't definitely ruling it in or they would have said so. Right? Absolutely. I'm fine.

OK, my feet and ankles
may be a little swollen
But I was interested to read in the article this list of symptoms for lupus nephritis: 

It is often silent, but lupus nephritis symptoms may include:
  • Weight gain
  • Fatigue
  • High blood pressure
  • Dark urine
  • Swelling around eyes, legs, ankles, or fingers

Let's see: weight gain. Well, I admit I do have a little trouble with weight. And I have stayed pretty much the same weight despite months of doing all the right things to lose weight. But, if I take a couple of fluid tablets I can drop a couple of kilograms really fast. That doesn't mean anything. Right?  I have a slow metabolism. And lots of women carry a little excess fluid - it's hormonal.

Fatigue. Yes, I'm fatigued. Everyone with lupus suffers from fatigue. I sleep almost as much as the cat does, but that only means I have standard lupus.

High blood pressure. Yes, I have that. I've had that ever since I've been taking lupus medicines. It's no big deal.

Dark urine. Define "dark"? Maybe, it depends how dark you mean by dark. But that could be anything. I do drink an awful lot of coffee, that could have some effect, couldn't it?

Swelling around eyes, legs, ankles, or fingers.  Yes, my ankles have been killing me for weeks! Some days I've had trouble walking at all. Does that mean anything? No, because ankles are joints.  I have lots of problems with joints. 

I'm fine. There's nothing wrong that a long nap and a handful of fluid tablets won't help.  And I'm going to keep believing that until I see definite proof otherwise. 

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