Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Health Writers' Month: Superpower

Today's Health Writers' Month Challenge topic is:
Superpower Day. If you had a superpower – what would it be? How would you use it?

Brynn, from Lupus Interrupted, has dubbed me the "woman of the temporal distortion". That's because, being in Australia, I always live a day ahead of her (in Canada). It becomes obvious when we're doing these topic-a-day challenges, and I'm always a topic ahead, making her feel like she has to catch up.

So, an accident of geography gives me my one superpower.

What would I like to have if I could choose one?

Not a superpower, but a spiritual power. I'd love the gift of healing - not with the performance art that seems to accompany the world's current "faith healers". I'd like to have the gift as Jesus' earliest disciples had it, as shown in the New Testament, that healing people was simply a part of their life, just as it was for Jesus. There was no fuss about it, and it was never used to draw attention. It was simply a way of showing God's love to the people they met.

How would I use it? When I was a hospital chaplain, I met people who suffered so much, and who doctors weren't always able to help. When I meet people suffering lupus and other painful conditions on-line through my blog, or through social media, I so desperately want to be able to alleviate their pain.

My pain is bearable, and usually controllable, but I have met so many others whose pain is just beyond anything any human being should have to bear. So if I could have a superpower - or a special gift - the one I would want would be to alleviate others' pain.

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