Thursday, 5 April 2012

Health Writer's Month: A Post About an Image
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Sunset Beach by tangpauline

Well, here's the image gave me. And I have to admit it's beautiful. But there's something mysterious about it - while the light is beautiful, there's lots of shadows, lots of places where I can make out silhouettes, but not exactly what the object is. A number of the silhouettes may be people - but people lost in the darkness.

Sometimes, that's what lupus is like.  People tell me I look good, or I look well. I put a lot of effort into creating the illusion of being well - trying to look much better than I feel. Like the beautiful light of the sunset, the illusion of wellness is covering something dark and shadowy.

Lupus is an "invisible illness". Unless I'm wearing my "Lupus Bites" shirt, a stranger looking at me would not know that I am sick. Like the figures in the silhouettes, it's there, but it's hard to see, and harder to make sense of.

Lupus changes from day to day. Just as I start to understand it, as the medications start to get it under control, something changes. The mystery deepens, the solution always just out of reach.

Don't forget, World Lupus Day, 10th May:
Lupus Association Queensland Facebook

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