Thursday, 8 March 2012

Weight Loss Group: What's the Procedure for Losing Weight?

My weight last week 90.4kg; this week 90kg.

A friend asked me an interesting question last week when I was preparing for Weight Loss Group. He asked what the actual procedure for losing weight is. (This is a person who will probably never need to lose weight.)

It was such a good question, I set it for homework for the group. Think about what the actual procedure is for losing weight.

Tonight we're going to have a big sheet of paper, and we're going to list our procedure.

Some elements that it will need to include are:

  • Diet and nutrition: it's not enough to just reduce calories, we need to make sure what we're eating is actually good for our bodies. A treat once in a while is OK - it will help us feel we're not being deprived - but most of what we eat has to actually contribute some nutritional value to our bodies.
  • Exercise: it's possible to lose weight without exercise, but exercise helps to keep us healthy, and helps us to build lean muscle which boosts our metabolism.
  • Psychological issues: we all need to look at the habits that made us overweight - if we don't intentionally do something to change them, there is a real risk of just going back to the same habits. 
Tomorrow, I'll post the full procedure the group comes up with tonight.

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