Friday, 2 March 2012

Overdoing Things

I've overdone things a bit today - and I did so intentionally.  It's not that I'm a masochist, or anything like that. I don't enjoy being miserable and in pain and over-tired.  It's just that stuff needs to be done and it's better now than later.

Since my last visit to my rheumatologist, my prednisolone had dropped from 12.5mg per day to 10mg per day. Next week it drops to 7.5mg per day and a fortnight after that to 5mg per day.

There's things I will need to do to adapt to the change. So far, it's not been too bad. That's partly because I've been here before.  It didn't take much for me to fall back into the habit of frequent naps and long soaks in the bath for aches and pains. I prefer to be out of pain and not suffering from fatigue - but that kind of requires the dose of steroid I was on, along with the risks the rheumatologist was concerned about. Of course, the other reason it's not too bad yet, is that I've only taken one step in the reduction process - I have to learn to live with half the amount I'm on now.

If I'm getting sore and tired on a 10mg dose, I'm going to be very sore and tired on a 5mg dose.  So I've looked around the house and decided it's time to do one big spring clean, and re-organise.  In the past couple of months, I've become lazy about where I keep things. It's been easy to pick things up from floor level, to reach into the back of the bottom cupboard, to empty some towels out of the linen cupboard to find that tablecloth.

It's starting to get harder to do those things now.  In a month's time, it will be very hard indeed. So now, while I still have a little energy left, I'm using it to rearrange things - get the things I use most in the house back to where I can access them the easiest, and get the house thoroughly clean and tidy so it is easier to keep clean and tidy.

I've overdone things a bit today - and will do a bit more over the next few days. Hopefully, the pain and fatigue will pay off, when this transition the lower dose of steroid is complete, and I need to conserve all of the energy I possibly can.

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