Thursday, 2 February 2012

Weighting Again
Weight Loss Group at church resumes tonight after about a month and a half break. (It's only a very small group, when a few people are away, there's no group left.)

I can't tell you how my weight is going as of today - because when I got on the scale it said "Lo", which is a reference to the battery, not my weight.  When I weighed earlier in the week, I was still exactly the same weight as I was when the group went into recess.

Tonight, we're going to work on getting refocussed. We're looking at what our goals are. Whether it's to fit into a particular sized clothes, to take of a certain amount of weight (one of our ladies actually needs to put on weight), to meet a health goal, everyone has a reason to go to a group to look at their weight loss.

My goal had been to get to a healthy weight range, to reach a point where my rheumatologist doesn't glare at me when I get on the scale.   I've revised that. If you read my new year's resolutions, it's to stop worrying so much about the numbers on the scale and the tape measure (sure, I'll keep checking them). My focus now is on healthy eating and exercise, simply because they're good for me.

For me, and I blame the medications I'm taking, the fluid retention, or I don't know what, the numbers on the scale don't always reflect the true picture of what I've been eating, or how much exercise I've been well enough to manage. So instead of the "end product", I've determined that my weight management goal is about the process.

My questions myself each day now will be:

  • Did I eat lots of fresh vegetables of lots of different colours?
  • Did I eat two or three serves of fresh fruit?
  • Did I have some good quality protein, without accompanying fat?
  • Did I have a sensible amount of low-GI carbohydrate?
  • Did I have at least half an hour of exercise (if I was well enough)?
  • Did my calories, tracked on Calorie King, fit within the number I ought to eat?
So that's my big weight loss goal for the year - to answer that set of questions with "yes" on every day.  Hopefully, I'll lose weight as a consequence. If I don't, I'm not going to get stressed about it.


  1. That's so cool that you have a lupus weight loss group! We don't have anything dealing with weight loss and chronic illness around here, so no one really understands that with all the medicines and pains, losing weight can be more difficult.

    You can do it!!!!

  2. Hi Rachel,
    We actually didn't set out to be a group for people with chronic illness. The people who asked me to set it up wanted a group for people who couldn't afford the big commercial ones.
    It just happened that half of us have chronic illnesses.


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