Monday, 23 January 2012

Rewriting the Budgets

Well, it's the last week of my holidays, and I have a serious job to do before I add my work back into my schedule.

I have two budgets to rewrite.

The first is the financial budget. There's a government website which helps with home budgeting: It tells me I can't survive on my income. To be fair, I wasn't inputting my current income, but the income that I will have come the 9th of March.  That's the date my son turns 18, and my ex-husband no longer has to pay child support.  I, of course, continue to provide a home for both my offspring until they finish university.  It's going to be a big challenge - and I will have to find a lot of areas to cut back my spending in. I've discovered that Microsoft Money Sunset Deluxe is now a free download from Microsoft.  (I used to use an old version of Microsoft Money years ago and loved it.) So I've downloaded this newer version and have started inputting data.  Hopefully it will help me find a way to get by with the money I will have coming in.

The second budget is my energy budget. At the moment I'm really well, and I'm tempted to be always on the go, doing stuff.  The problem with that is, I could make myself sick really quickly by doing too much. So my energy budget has to work on the basis that I assume I have less energy than I have now, and work to that level. Of course, I'm not 100% sure what level that level is.  I've never stayed stable long-term, to know how much I can do without getting sick again. And of course, there is the question of how well I really am and how much of this current health is an illusion created by medications that are allowing me to do more than is actually good for me. I need to find a perfect balance of work, rest, fun stuff like writing, my own spiritual care, relaxation sessions, physical exercise. Getting that sorted out is vitally important, and incredibly tricky.

So that's my challenges for my last week of holidays - to balance the budgets, both of them.  Then maybe I can get back in control of balancing my diet!

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