Saturday, 28 January 2012

I Have a Dream

With apologies to Martin Luther King, whose dream was far more exciting and world-changing than mine.

My dream, is to be able to support myself without relying on disability pension payments.  Maybe, I could even pay tax and feel like I'm contributing something to society. I dream this not just for me, but for all the other people with chronic illnesses, who are counting on pensions to make ends meet.

How does this work out?  Well, I'm working in ministry 30% time, and loving that. It's part of what keeps me grounded, and gives me a reason to get up in the morning, when I have endless reasons not to. And of course, I believe it's what God wants me to do. (Which I realise could be either faith or psychosis, depending on your point of view.)

So what I need is to earn 70% of an income, without expending any energy. (Or at least minimal energy.) To be able to have this income continuing to come in even at the times when I'm too fatigued to do anything at all. Well, that's an easy ask, right? Well, probably not.

More than that, I'd love to be able to help other people with Lupus or chronic illness do the same thing. (Not the ministry part, necessarily, but the being independent part.)  That's what the Lupie Business page on this site is all about.

For me, the one thing in life I love doing as much as ministry is writing. (You'd never have guessed, right?) So, ideally, I could make my extra 70% off writing - blogging, books, the Amazon shop and the shirt shop tied to my sites.

For other people, there are blogs and there's lots of those listed on the Lupus Links page - but please tell me about more. I'd love to list them. I'm not expecting to be listed on your blog in return.  I just want to be able to help increase awareness of lupus, and help promote the work of other lupies.

And there are an amazing variety of things that lupies are doing.  When you look at Lupie Business, you'll be impressed by some of the creative and interesting things there.  Again, I don't want anything in return for promoting other people's work, just want the opportunity to promote what people with lupus and other chronic illnesses are achieving. If you want your business (big or small) promoted on the Lupie Business page, just send me your ad, as if you were buying one (just without the payment).

This is my dream, not just for me, but for all of us: financial independence.  So come on lupies, give me your links, let's support each other in this!

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