Friday, 6 January 2012

Feeling Good

I'm feeling really well at the moment.

That sounds good, and it is. It also brings some challenges. The biggest challenge is not to overdo things and get sick again.

It also brings some opportunities.

The best of the opportunities is that I have time, without being distracted by fatigue and pain, to put a really high priority on taking care of myself. The better I do that, maybe the longer I'll stay feeling good.

So, at the moment, meals have lots and lots of vegetables. I've got the energy to cut up fresh salads, so I'm having lots of them, and making sure I use lots of different coloured vegetables. (Vegetables come colour-coded, the different colours tend to indicate different nutrients. The more colours in a salad the more good things in it.) I'm having lots of my protein from legumes and nuts, and only a little from animal sources. That automatically cuts down on saturated fats.  And I'm aiming for food that's got the least amount of processing possible. I always prefer to cook my meals from basic ingredients instead of having prepared or semi-prepared things, so I know what's in it. Now, I've got the energy to do that, and I don't have to think so much about whether it's food that can go in the freezer for the next time I don't have the energy to cook. (On the other hand, if I do cook a freezable meal - I will freeze the leftovers, because that day when I'm tired could come at any time.)

I'm walking instead of taking the car more often, and making the most of my workouts at Curves. Building a strong body now may well help me when I'm not doing so well another time.

I'm getting back into the habit of starting my day with my prayer time - something that slipped a bit when I was unwell, but which is a habit that is probably even more important when I'm sick. Spending some time in the morning, discussing my day with God, and doing some evaluation of what is going on in my life, what is important and what can wait, is actually very very valuable at any time. If I can get back into that habit, maybe next time I'm sick, I'll remember why I do it, and hang on to that even if I let something else that may be good for me slip.

I start holidays on Monday. I am going to learn to ride my bike. I bought a bike about a year ago, with the idea that when I need to go to the local shops for just a few odds and ends, a ride would be good. I also aimed to be able to put my dog in the carrier basket and take him for rides. (He's very old, and coughs and wheezes when he tries to walk, so the vet said no more walking for him. But he loves going out for walks, and I thought taking him for a ride along his favourite walking tracks would be the next best thing.) But, I've found I haven't had the balance for riding a bike. When I'm sick I get clumsy.  I think that while I'm well, maybe I won't be so clumsy, and will be able to learn to ride.

So getting my life back into balance - getting back in control of the things that have got out of control, or been lost all together while I was sick - is my big challenge for now. Doing it without over-doing things and making myself sick again - well, that's my even bigger challenge!


  1. I can relate. I'm high energy by nature and it's hard for me to take it easy when I'm well. -Pill Poppa

  2. HI Everyone, she doesn't usually leave her URL when she posts comments, but Pill Poppa (who wrote the previous comment) writes a fantastic lupus blog called "Taking Pills and Paying Bills". You'll find a link to it on my links page.


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