Monday, 16 January 2012

The Cost of a Weekend Away

About once every three months, Mr Wonderful and I set aside a weekend just for us.

Most of the time, we've gone away somewhere. It's been great, we've stayed some nice places, seen some nice things - but after packing and planning and driving, I end up tired and spend a lot of the time sleeping.

This time, we decided to stay home, or at least at his home, and use that as a base to be tourists in our own city.

We had some board games and DVDs for "quiet time", but also went out. On Saturday, we drove through the countryside to Mt Mee, looked at craft shops and antique shops in the little towns along the way and had lunch in a really pretty restaurant on the mountain top. Sunday morning we went to some markets, and on Sunday afternoon/evening we went to the movies to see the new Sherlock Holmes and then went to the local RSL for a nice dinner and to listen to a local band.

For some people that's probably not a really big weekend. For me?  Well, given that I'm really well at the moment, I didn't get sick, just a bit tired.  Today is a day on the couch - half-watching DVDs, and half cat-napping the day away. I'm catching up on my messages on email and social media, that I've left to just build up over the weekend. Basically, I'm not trying to achieve anything much at all today. It's a recovery day.

When I'm well, one day on the couch is enough to make up for a couple of days of going out, pretty much doing what's "normal" for many other people.

If I were sick - well I wouldn't have made it through the weekend without morning and afternoon naps on both days. Even then, I might have needed a week or more to recover.

I really am enjoying feeling well, knowing that I can do most things that other people can do. When the energy involved in a weekend away only costs me one day resting on the couch, that's are really amazing! I hope it lasts!

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