Monday, 9 January 2012

The Clumsies

I'd love to know how many people with lupus suffer from the clumsies, either during a flare, or as a warning a flare is about to start.

Our house is geared for the clumsies.  We use plastic cups instead of glasses.  There are a few glasses around still, but I'm getting rid of them, one at a time.

I have out the good china, and make a point of using it, because life's too short to leave the good stuff in the china cabinet and just look at it - but if I'm not well, I tend to use things that aren't so precious to me and are a bit tougher.

When I have the clumsies, things simply fall out of my hands.  I can break anything.  We bought a Correlle dinner set - the ones that are guaranteed not to break - specifically for when I have the clumsies. Correlle can and does break. (No, I didn't claim on the guarantee that it won't. It would be unfair to expect any company to guarantee anything against my clumsieness.)

The first Correlle piece I broke came as a complete surprise. It pretty much exploded when I dropped it - bits of breakfast bowl went flying in all directions across both the kitchen and dining room. My son and I just looked at each other in surprise and said, "Wow!" We swept up, but still found shards all over the place for days afterwards.

When I was a kid, I used to get the clumsies a lot. It's one of the reasons my mother labelled me as "useless", because I could drop and break pretty much anything, I would walk into walls (it helped when I got glasses and didn't miss the doorway so much.) At the same time, I would start to get a bit "vague" (what I now know as "brain fog".)  As a kid, that got me labelled as "stupid" and "slow". (My poor mother never could understand why her "dumb" kid got three degrees while her "smart" ones didn't finish high school.)

I haven't found the clumsies on any list of recognised symptoms in any book or website for lupus that I've read. It's certainly not on the list of symptoms that help lead to a diagnosis. But anecdotally, from reading other lupies' blogs, I find that I'm not alone with this problem. It's probably a great topic for some medical researcher to study in depth.

I don't have the resources for an in-depth study. But I am curious. Lupies, let me know - do you get the clumsies? If so, when? Is it a warning that a flare is coming? Or does it usually happen during a flare? Have there been times in your life when it has been more or less frequent?


  1. I'm new to the blog but it is great, I do get the clumsies, I even seen to just walk into stuff or trip of air! lol. I'm not glad to hear about it happening to you, but it assures me that I'm not alone. I usually just laugh when these things happen, but it's nice to not just be a Klutz. Although I had not connect it to the lupus, I will now pay attention & try to see if I can see when it happens more often.

    1. Yes, I walk into walls - and tripped into the hydrotherapy pool today! You're definitely not alone.

  2. Oh my goodness...I have Lupus, but I never realized that this is Lupus related, because I had to have hand surgery for dupuytren's contracture on both hands, and it seems that since then, my right hand tends to 'freak out'. It's especially fun when I'm trying to fix the coffee pot, with the little scoop, and before I know what happened, there are coffee grounds slung all over the kitchen.

    1. I'm afraid, it does seem to be common with people who have lupus and fibro and some other autoimmune conditions. I just simply drop things, walk into things, fall over my own feet. I generally get attacked by inanimate objects!

  3. I get the clumsiness, I fall from time to time while walking, drop things (like the milk jug I'm holding) forget where I put things. I too have 3 degrees but cannot work any kind of a full time position because I have yet to meet an employer who gets it. I don't know day by day or hour by hour when I'm going to get hit with the symptoms. My thought on this is that it is related to the Lupus brain fog most of us have.

  4. Yes, this is me! I have the dropsies, the tripsees, the overall klutzies, Had it most of my life. While my lupus was diagnosed late, I had surgery for what was thought to be JRA at 7 and had all sorts of weird FUOs, hospital stays and bizarre infections. And then there were all the miscarriages. Lupus explained a lot. Wish I'd known earlier.


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