Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Why won't everything else just stop until I catch up?

The big problem with a lupus flare is that nothing else will wait until I'm ready to handle it.

Those dishes I didn't have the energy to wash last night are still sitting in the sink (and they're looking much worse this morning).

The cat still believes his litter trays should be changed.

I have work to do for my actual work.

And what am I doing? Well, as you probably guessed, I'm hooked up to my TENS machine trying to get some aches and pains under control, reading twitter feeds, and generally doing nothing much.

What do I want to do? Get a replacement pair of shoulders to start with - some that aren't hurting. I want my headache to go away. Then I want to sleep for the next six months or so.

What am I going to do??

When this 30 minute block of time on the TENS machine is done, I'm going to get up and do the dishes and see to the cat, because these issues will only get worse the longer I leave them.

Then I'm going to stop for a cup of coffee and put my feet up for a while.

Then I'll sweep and mop the kitchen.

Then I'm going to have a nap.

After lunch, I'll actually start this week's work for work.I can hook myself back up to the TENS machine while I'm sitting at my desk to do that.  And somewhere in there I'll fit in an afternoon nap.

In an ideal world - I wouldn't have lupus.  In an almost ideal world - everything else would stop while I have a flare, so that I'm not always trying to catch up!

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