Monday, 12 December 2011

What a feat!

Mr Wonderful and his daughter are on holiday at the Gold Coast.

After church yesterday, I caught the train down to see them. (Two hours on the train. I slept part of the way.) We went swimming in the late afternoon. For me that means I played in the water for a while then went to sit in the spa until the others were ready to go back to the motel room.

This morning we went shopping at Harbour Town. We shopped for five hours. I stopped for rests a number of times, and took a fluid tablet at lunchtime, because my feet were ridiculously swollen and I had a headache. Then it was the train home, as I have to be at work tomorrow.  I slept on the train again. My headache was gone, but my feet were still sore and after a very short walk home from the station (which seemed very long today) I noticed my feet were so swollen that my shoes were cutting into them.

I took an extra fluid tablet. I dont' know that I'm really supposed to do that - but if my feet are so swollen, a fluid tablet is essential before the headache sets in. (The headache is actually already starting to set in, but the extra fluid tablet hasn't had time to work yet.)

Did I overdo it? Probably. But then again, this out-of-control fluid retention issue is one of the reasons my GP wanted me to move my appointment with the rheumatologist forward - it's a sign of a flare.

If I tried to do this much every day, I would have a serious problem. At the moment, it's an issue, but one that can be managed by what I do next.

For dinner tonight - I've got leftovers in the fridge, and I'm leaving the kids to deal with their own food. (For anyone who doesn't know, my kids are aged 20 and 17 - I didn't abandon small children overnight.) Then it's an early bath, a session on the TENS machine and bed.

My work tomorrow begins with a Christmas party - and I need a good sleep for that!

I'm actually having a fairly easy week work-wise, as our youth worker is doing the service this Sunday - but I do have a couple of Christmas parties to attend for groups in the church or to represent the church. And I have to start doing some forward preparation for Christmas day.

I'll go down to the coast again on Thursday and come back on Saturday. In the meantime, I'll pace myself, with plenty of time for rest, and some work and some household tasks. I have to start planning my Christmas baking - but that's happening a bit at a time starting next week.

In the middle of January, I'm taking a couple of weeks off work - I haven't actually taken holidays in 2011 at all. Working 12 hours per week, I've been able to go away for the occasional weekend or midweek break without actually taking any holidays.But now, I think I need to actually take some time out to do pretty much nothing. I'll let you know closer to the time if I'm going to stop blogging for those two weeks as well. (I may do.)

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