Thursday, 22 December 2011

Weight loss: a little less of me

My weight last week: 91.2kg
My weight today: 88.2kg

Well, a 3kg weight loss in one week sounds impressive, but I won't get excited about it. I'm struggling so much with fluid retention problems that my weight is just doing anything and everything.

So, here's an interesting look at weight loss issues: how do we keep up our motivation when health problems are interfering?  I've been working on weight loss for months, and not getting anywhere. Now that I'm having constant headaches from fluid, I've had to start taking extra fluid tablets. I don't think I'm yet down to what would be my actual weight without excess fluid (because my feet are still swollen, and I've only just woken up but the headache is already starting.) The weight I've put on while I've been working so hard to lose it, may not actually have been weight at all. For all I know, I may actually have been losing "weight" while the numbers on the scale were going up.

Working on weight loss and seeing the numbers on the scale going up was very frustrating, and it's nice to see the numbers going down again. I think what I have done is taken the attitude that healthy eating and activity were good for me whether or not I was seeing results on the scale. I also felt like a bit of a fraud, leading a weight loss group while I just kept gaining weight.

Will the weight keep dropping off like this?  I have no idea. I would love to know how much I actually do weigh, and how much is excess fluid. It may be that I have nowhere near as big a weight problem as I think! (On the other hand, if I'm still carrying kilos of fluid - that means a lot more fluid tablets, and I am so sick of spending my life in the loo!)

On a different (but tangentally related) topic: I would love some feedback from other lupies as to whether this happens with them as well.  I have a horrible problem with dry eyes. When I take a fluid tablet, my eyes are suddenly not so dry and are far more comfortable, I don't seem to need my Polygel to moisturise my eyes as much. Has anyone found this happens for them? I had expected that removing fluid from my body would make my dry eyes worse, but the opposite seems to be true.


  1. Hi, i myself have struggled with weight loss for the whole of this year. The weight didn't immediately come ofF but I kept at it. I tried many different things before I found what works for me. My foot also used to be swollen but I noticed that after a long walk it won't be as much. :)

  2. Good luck with your weight-loss! You can do it!


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