Thursday, 8 December 2011

Weight Loss: A Good Start

My weight last week: 89.4kg
My weight this week: 90.6kg
(I gained - but I lost 2kg the previous week, and my lupus is flaring, so it's not so bad.)

Well let's look at what we're talking at Weight Loss Group tonight.

How do you start your day? Do you grab a coffee, on the run and not worry about food? Do you have a quick bite of toast?  Do you sit down to a cooked breakfast?

People say breakfast is the most important meal of the day - and there's some truth in that, although of course, every meal is important. (There's no point in having a really good breakfast and eating junk the rest of the day.)

So what makes a good breakfast?

Firstly it needs to be good basic fuel.  You haven't eaten for eight or more hours, this is about as low as your body's fuel level gets. So you want some great low-GI carbs to give you that energy to keep going for the day. So for breakfast cereal, we're looking for whole grains; for toast or bread, again we're looking for whole grains.

It needs to have a bit of fibre - that helps lower the GI of the meal, but also helps keep your body healthy, so we're looking again at whole grains, maybe some psyllium or rice bran or wheat bran if your body can handle it; or fruit. If you're going for a cooked breakfast, baked beans are always good as a mix of protien, low-GI carb and fibre.
Having mentioned baked beans, let's look at protein. Remember protein helps you feel full for longer, so you're less likely to feel like you're starving before you get to your next meal.  If you're having cereal, you can add protein by adding a few nuts, if you're doing the cooked breakfast, think baked beans, eggs, lean meats.

Fruit and vegetables always are a good idea at every meal. Fruit on cereal is great. Grilled tomatoes or even grilled peaches are great with a cooked breakfast. Spinach or mushroom is also good with a cooked breakfast.

A little bit of low-fat dairy is good for protein and calcium.  Skim milk or yoghurt on your cereal . A bit of low-fat cheese on your toast with some tomato is good.

It sounds like a lot to fit in at one meal.  Remember that when you come to breakfast, you haven't eaten for anything up to about ten hours, depending on when you last ate before bed. At this stage, your body needs some really good quality fuel. Remember, also, that breakfast sets the whole tone for the day in terms of what you are going to eat.  If you don't eat enough at breakfast time, you get hungry again earlier in the day and are more likely to eat something you will regret later.

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