Friday, 2 December 2011

Trying to decide...

Wegohealth, those same people who brought us the 30 posts in 30 days health blogging challenge has now opened its Health Activist Awards 2011 for nominations.  (If you want to nominate anyone you can at this address: .

There are some amazing people blogging about lupus - and I've been trying to think who to nominate.  If you want ideas, go to the lupus links page and check out some of the blogs.

I've been thinking about who to nominate, and why:

  • Christine, from But You Don't Look Sick would have to be high up on the list.  Not only is hers probably one of the longest running blogs, but she's helped us to define ourselves. The term "spoonie" often used for people with chronic illness comes from her "spoon theory" explaining the issue of fatigue. She always seems to be travelling somewhere to raise lupus awareness.
  • Tiffany, from Tiffany and Lupus would also have to be high on the list. She writes not only her own blog, but also for The Lupus Magazine and other sites. She founded Friends Against Lupus, that wonderful group that keeps putting up Facebook messages reminding lupies to take our medicine. She's changed her Twitter picture now - but the picture of her purple wig always made me smile when I saw it.  When she's had a down day or few days and been out of circulation she's always very open about it. She shares life as it is, both good and bad.  I'm probably twice her age, but I want to be like Tiffany when I grow up.
  • Brynn, from Lupus Interrupted is just the most amazing woman on earth. I find life with a chronic illness and two kids a drama. She manages it with a husband and five kids. She's got an attitude that says nothing will ever beat her. A self-declared badass, who has on her blog an amazing photo of her in her warrior princess outfit with her sword, she's an inspiration to anyone who decides they're not going to take being sick lying down!
  • Melissa (Dr Snit) from Living with Lupus, But Dying of Everything Else is challenged by multiple health issues - but still manages to find ways to laugh. Maybe being a stand-up comic gives her practice at this. 
  • BD from memory doesn't serve me so I blog would have to be in the running for the rookie category. One of my absolute favourite posts in any blog is hers about breaking up with her doctor.
  • How about Pill Poppa from Taking Pills and Paying Bills? Or Tim from The Home of Lupoid? Or or Annie from It's Time To Get Over How Fragile You Are?
There are just so many amazing people out there advocating for lupus and other chronic illnesses. I'm so glad I've got all of December to think about who to nominate! 

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  1. Thanks for the great lupus information! I have been fighting with my SLE lupus symptoms for many years and it's good to hear positive words from others with the lupus disease.


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