Wednesday, 7 December 2011

I am getting sleepy, very sleepy....

Well, my urgent trip back to the rheumatologist can wait - he's away for two months! I did manage to bring my next appointment forward - from the start of March to mid-February. I guess if the GP decides it really is more urgent than that, she'll have to send me to someone else.
In the meantime? I'm still a bit ouchy - but at the moment, I'm mostly just exhausted! Today, I went to Curves, had coffee with a friend, and took my son to finalise his TAFE enrolment for next year. Then I slept. And slept. And slept. The DVD I attempted to watch played itself through about three times - I know because I woke up a few times and have a vague idea of the timeline of the movie, even though I saw it completely out of sync.

I had housework to do, and I had work work to do, and nothing's been done, except watching bits of a DVD.

So all the work's still waiting for me, but I think, for now, I'll just have another little nap.

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  1. Get all the sleep you need! The work will wait for you.


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