Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Christmas recovery

It's been a great couple of days - time with friends and family, eating too much.

I'm tired now. I put a lot of energy on the "credit card" over the week leading up to Christmas, and on Christmas Day itself.

The Boxing Day sales are on, which are no longer confined to Boxing Day but will go through now until the January sales begin, and I was given a couple of gift cards - so I will go out to look at the shops. I'll do this a bit carefully - I'm not the person who spends an entire day at the sales scrambling for bargains.

My son and I have this theory that the hottest part of the day is a good time to be in an air-conditioned shopping centre, instead of in our house, which does not have air-conditioning (except my bedroom, but the aircon in my room's misbehaving at the moment as well.)

Most of the next day or so, I'm planning to nap, to live on leftovers so I don't have to cook, and to have the occasional visit to somewhere with air-conditioning when it gets too hot at home. Somewhere in there, I'll get some work done for my actual job.

It's weigh-in day tomorrow, and I'm going to guess that I've gained this week. There were just too many good things around. Actually, my tummy's starting to feel the effects of lots of rich food. Fortunately, there's also lots of salad and fresh fruit left over and that's pretty much what I need to munch my way through to start to feel a bit better.  On the plus side with regard to weight, taking diuretics twice a day seems to have last got my fluid problems under control  - the headache I had for weeks leading up to Christmas has finally gone. (Actually the headache had made sleeping difficult - another reason there was too much energy clocked up on the "credit card".) Hopefully, fluid won't be adversely affecting the numbers on the scale this time around.

So this week's about taking it easy, getting the energy budget back in balance, maybe thinking about getting the financial budget back in balance as well, and starting to look forward with a bit of advance planning for the new year. Nothing that takes too much energy.

I hope you're also getting time over the public holidays for some rest and recovery.


  1. Yeah, I'm getting a lot of nap this holiday, too much actually, it makes me feel a little guilty, lol! Anyway you have a very nice blog :)
    Love from Indonesia.


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