Monday, 5 December 2011

Back to the rheumatologist

Well, I've scored an extra trip to the rheumatologist.

I wasn't due for a check-up with him until March.

But, about two months ago, the GP increased my prednisolone from 2mg per day to 15mg per day, to get my pain under control.

Then the ophthalmologist found something not quite right with my eyes - he's decided not to worry about it, just to check again in six months instead of the usual 12 months, but there's a risk that plaquenil,  one of my main lupus drugs, is starting to do something unpleasant.

Added to that, I'm having problems with retaining fluid. That's something that can happen for any number of reasons, including hormonal. (After a hysterectomy about eight years ago, I don't know what's hormonal and what's not.) But one of the big things that can cause fluid retention is prednisolone, along with a number of other drugs in my cocktail.

So, time to make the extra appointment, and see how much fun it is to go see my specialist for Christmas.

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