Saturday, 26 November 2011

It's been a shock

I had a bit of a shock yesterday. It's made me realise once more that there is a link between lupus and emotional state.

My shock was to come home to a find a letter from the Real Estate agent, it was late enough that their office would already be closed, so I can't actually clarify anything with them until Monday morning.

It was a new lease. The covering letter explained the rent was going up. That's fair enough - it's a 7.5% increase, which for me is a bit much - because it will come into place just weeks before my youngest child turns 18, and my ex-husband can stop paying child support. My income goes down by 20% at that point. (I still have the kids living at home - they haven't finished their education yet.)

Then I started to read the new lease. It's only a six month lease - when I've been on annual leases up until now. It wasn't mentioned in the covering letter, so there's no explanation of what's going on.

Further on, I found what really distressed me. No Pets. This wasn't mentioned in the covering letter. The kids and I have been in this house for five years, and the pets have been approved the whole time.

There's a whole lot of issues here that I have to work through - pets are vital therapy for my kids who have Asperger's. If I did get rid of the pets - how? How do we give up family members?

Alternately, what if I look for somewhere else to live? The real estate agent helpfully included with the lease a form to give the two weeks' notice if I plan to move out. Is it possible to find a new home in two weeks? I don't have the money to move. I certainly don't have the energy to pack. Two weeks seems like an impossibly short amount of time. I don't know how to find a house - when I moved in here, I was still in full-time ministry, the church found the house and paid the rent, up until I retired through ill-health. The last time I actually found a house to rent was before RTA existed - I heard about the house through word-of-mouth - and there was no real estate agent involved.

My first step, of course, is to ring the real estate agent as soon as they open on Monday morning and ask what is going on.

A good friend took my son and me out for a coffee last night, while we started to process the shock.

While I wait to find out what is happening, I am feeling the physical effects.  I'm just incredibly tired. (At a time when potentially, I'm going to need lots of extra energy.) Suddenly, I am feeling the apathy that comes with depression - from shock to numbness. All I want to do is sleep.

The cause of my shock was actually a mistake. There was some computer glitch and the data just didn't go across from the old lease to the new one.  A new version of the lease, pets included, was emailed to me on Monday afternoon.  I still have to find more money to pay the rent, but the rent hasn't been raised for two years, so I guess it's fair enough.

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