Thursday, 10 November 2011

Health Blogging Month Day 10 - The future of online activism

The future of online activism. Our favourite social media sites are constantly undergoing renovations to become quicker to navigate, easier to interact with, all encompassing, mobile, and everywhere. Imagine the same thing about your community – how will they evolve, improve, and grow?

This one's difficult for me. I've only been taking part in the on-line discussions about lupus since May this year.  In that time, I've discovered it's a world that's already full of dedicated, intelligent, people who work tirelessly despite a condition that by its nature causes fatigue.

At times, I wonder if I'm actually contributing anything new or of value.

Where will the future of on-line activism go?

There's two strands that I've found so far - that we support each other - and that we try to make the rest of the world aware of what life is like for us. I would hope that both would continue to grow.

Having found that there's a world-wide support network I can access without leaving my house was a great gift to me - I would hope to be part of passing that gift on to others. There is nothing quite as good as finding someone who actually understands, without me explaining anything.

As far as wider awareness goes, there's two things I'd love to see - the first being that people actually know what lupus is, and realise that it's not only a serious illness, it's also very common.

If further awareness helped increase funding for research; maybe one day lupus could be cured, and there'd be no need for activism, education or even support. That's the future I'd really love to see!

This post was written as part of NHBPM – 30 health posts in 30 days:

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