Friday, 7 October 2011

Yeah Steroids!

I'm over the cold that the kids still have! Woo-hoo!

How did this miracle happen? I can only put it down to the prednisolone.

Usually, when they get a bug and share it with me, they recover in a week, and I'm still struggling a month later.  Often it can start a flare, and I'll have extra joint pain and fatigue going on much longer than a month.

This time around, after a couple of days having very, very long naps (four hours instead of my usual two), I'm back to "normal". (The kids are both still in bed sick.)

I worked out at Curves today and finished the circuit without any bother at all.

A cold that is gone after one night of "painsomnia", and two days with long naps - that is just soooooo good!

Well, I'm off to be superwoman. I'm going to write a church service and mop out the laundry on the same day! (Even after a workout at Curves.) And to finish it off, I'm going to a ballet performance tonight (I know some of the dancers.)

It will be a sleep in day tomorrow for sure! But a sleep in day's great when I do it because I choose to and not because I'm incapable of getting out of bed.


  1. I work in a place with over 1000 staff. We use a "hand-scanner" to clock in and out and I find it a little perturbing when people just walk straight out of the wash room without washing their hands. It's a small miracle that I've not been hospitalised yet...

    Then again, I keep alcohol gel on me at all times in there and even clock in early to sterilise my work area.

  2. Yuk! I'm glad I'm not working with slobs! I keep the alcohol gel with me too (it lives in my handbag beside the spray on dressing and asthma puffer). I've even trained Mr 17 - he won't go to something like the Brisbane Exhibition without his trusty little bottle of hand gel.


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